What is included in my monthly fees?

Monthly Fees include tuition, costume expenses, registration fee and recital fee. Recital Ticket and DVD sales are separate and will open in May.

 When is money being withdrawn?

Within a week of the time of registration you will be charged using your card on file. This charge is for your last month's tuition (May 2019). On the first of September your first month's tuition (September) will be pulled from your card. Thereafter, we will automatically pull tuition from your card on file every month (October-April) on the 1st.

What if I don't want automatic withdrawals online?

If you do not want your card charged automatically on the 1st of every month, you MUST make a payment by logging in online and making the payment yourself or bringing cash or check to class BEFORE THE 1st. If we do not receive payment before the 1st, we will automatically withdraw from your card on file.

Are there any types of discounts?

Yes! We offer multiple class discounts as follows:

1 Class/week  -     $55/mos

2 Classes/week -  $100/ mos ($10 savings/mos)

3 Classes/week - $145/mos  ($20 savings/mos)

4 Classes/week - $190/mos ($30 savings/mos)

5 Classes/week - $235/mos ($40 savings/mos)

6 Classes/week - $280/mos ($50 savings/mos)

What if I need a Need-Based Scholarship?

Please complete and submit our financial aid form.
Epic Financial Aid Form

Scholarships and Financial Aid Requirements -

Our scholarships and financial aid recipients will be required to provide verification to Epic staff that the student is receiving  free/reduced lunch.  For students in the Elkhart School Systems please contact Food Service, 1135 Kent Street, Elkhart IN and provide proof of your address and they will give you the verification needed to show our staff.  For students in the Concord School System please contact Jan Vanderryden at 574-875-5161.